We have come to understand that any system is not complete until it is completely operational. It is also sad to note that many buildings have air conditioning systems that are not functioning as efficiently as required because of incomplete start-up of equipment or expedient control installation and testing.

We have thus made a commitment as a business to make sure and ascertain that all systems that we install are commissioned. We have developed our own commissioning procedures for every level of installation and where necessary have involved the equipment manufacturer’s dedicated commissioning staff to quality control and double check on our commissioning, thus obtaining 100% warranty backup for the client.

Whether it be a single split unit, single package unit job, to a full WHO validated cGMP suite, to a complex 20 storey office air conditioning system, we have the expertise to commission any job.

We are also proud to be the only company in Zimbabwe specializing in HVAC systems for the Pharmaceutical Industry and have assistied some major pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in qualifying to manufacture for WHO and the Region