Environmental Policy

Thermacool Pvt Ltd recognizes that day-to-day operations and products in our sector can potentially have both positive and negative impacts on the environment. We are fully committed to minimizing the potential harmful effects of its actions and products wherever practicable. We also seek the co-operation of Employees and Sub-Contractors to meet this commitment.

We insist on compliance with all relevant global environmental legislation and regulatory controls and some basic aims include minimizing waste, maximizing use of resources and prevention of pollution in all areas of the business. We also strive to identify significant environmental & social impacts and establish objectives and targets for improvement.

In conjunction with the Company's Health & Safety Policy, the Company will ensure that there will be no risk, as far is reasonably possible in the use, handling, storing, transportation and control of any substances that are hazardous to health and to the environment.

The Company expects each and every Employee to take reasonable precautions, exercise due diligence, and use Specialised Equipment provided by the Company to comply with this commitment and also to take all reasonable steps to co-operate with his or her Employer in order that all relevant statutory provisions are complied with. We will ensure all employees are made accountable for these policy goals through training and communication of environmental issues throughout the company and we encourage all employees to be proactive in the maintenance and further development of the company environmental management system.

All bona fide sub-contractors will be expected to conduct their work in such a manner as to comply with the Company's Statement of Environmental Policy. Site responsibilities of all sub-contractors will be clarified and laid down by the Company's management.