The Victoria Falls Hotel

  • Project: The Victoria Falls Hotel
  • Client: The Victoria Falls Hotel
  • Year: 2022
  • Location: Victoria Falls
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Work done:


 The air conditioning systems at the Victoria Falls Hotel are Daikin heat recovery VRV. This comprises a Heat Recovery VRV condenser(s) mounted on the outside coupled to various indoor ducted hideaway units. Each concealed ducted hideaway unit serves a dedicated room via some ductwork, a wall-mounted grille , normally above the entrance and a ceiling-mounted return grille


There are six distinct systems as follows

-    Central Wing Ground Floor Royal Suite comprising of rooms 23 through 26 inclusive, see drawing TC – 290 – 02

-    Central Wing Ground Floor comprising of rooms 60 through to 69 inclusive, see drawing TC – 290 – 05

-    Central Wing First Floor left hand side comprising of rooms  128 through to 141 inclusive, see drawing TC – 290 – 01.1

-    Central Wing First Floor right hand side comprising of rooms 142 through to 153 inclusive, see drawing TC – 290 – 01

-    Left Wing Hammerhead Ground Floor comprising of rooms 70 through to 78 inclusive, see drawing TC  - 290 – 03

-    Left Wing Hammerhead First Floor comprising of rooms 79 through to 88 inclusive


Pictures above show typical supply and return grilles in the rooms


The condensers are linked to the indoor units via a piping network all mounted within the ceiling. To enable individual control of the units and also enable heating and cooling simultaneously, the three pipes from the condenser feed an MS Box (network of expansion valves) and then each individual unit is fed from the MS Box.  Please see attached drawings for the typical network of piping and units. A communication network is also installed for communication between outdoor and indoor units



All the toilets in all the rooms are mechanically ventilated by means of an inline ducted fan coupled to a ceiling mounted toilet extract valve. The fan discharges foul air to the outside via externally mounted wall louvres