The Palm River Hotel

  • Project: The Palm River Hotel
  • Client: Spencer Creek
  • Year: 2021
  • Location: Victoria Falls
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Work done:

There are three types of air conditioning systems installed in these buildings. The main being VRV systems which serve each block i.e. there is one each VRV system for Block A, Block B, Block C, Block D, Block E, and Block F. The Villa, Kitchen Offices, Boardroom, and The Spa area is served by mini VRV systems. The other system is the individual split type air conditioning units serving the special areas i.e. the Server Room, kitchen receiving office accounts office, and all admin offices on the ground floor. The last system is the evaporative cooling units which serve the main kitchen and workshop. The Main VRV systems in each block comprise one (1) Daikin VRV (variable refrigerant flow) two-pipe heat pump air conditioning system. The VRV systems have one condenser for Blocks A, B, and C with two (2) off condensers for Blocks D, E, and F coupled to individual ducted hideaway units within the entrance passage ceiling void one in each room via a network of insulated refrigerant copper piping.

The Villa comprises one Daikin Mini VRV condenser coupled to three (3) off ducted hideaways within bedrooms and two off-high wall mounted units within the living areas. The boardroom has one Mini VRV condenser coupled to two off high wall mounted units within the boardroom and the Spa comprises of one Mini condenser coupled to three (3) high wall mounted units each serving a different room and finally the Kitchen VRV system comprises of one condenser coupled to two off wall mounted units and one-off ceiling-mounted unit. The condensers for the boardroom and kitchen units are mounted next to each other in the kitchen courtyard while the one for the Spa is on the first - floor passage leading into the Spa.

1.1.1 Server Room

The server room is served by individual split air conditioning units
as follows: -
- Server Room 2 off Daikin FTXS35K High wall units
While the indoor units are mounted within the server room one above the other, the outdoor condenser units are mounted within the passage leading to the Staff Toilets and coupled through copper piping.

1.1.2 – Workshop and Kitchen

Both the main kitchen and the workshop are supplied by fresh air through a network of ducting and a roof-mounted evaporative cooling unit
Water is passed through the fins of the evaporative cooler and the air is drawn past the flowing water into the respective rooms creating a
cooling effect


Toilets in all the buildings are mechanically ventilated. The bedroom blocks have a central extract fan located in the bulkhead on the second
floor coupled to a network of ducting running along the bulkhead and to the various floors via vertical ducts. Foul air is extracted from each room toilet via ceiling-mounted extract valves Blocks A & B have one fan each while blocks C & D have two fans each and Blocks E & F have three fans each.
Foul air is discharged at the second-floor level to the atmosphere via weather louvres. In the main building, staff toilets extract is via ceiling-mounted Xplair CX10 fans, and these discharge into the ceiling void and to the atmosphere via louvres. The gym toilets have an inline extract fan mounted within the shaft with a network of ducting extracting from the ladies and gents’ toilets via wall-mounted valves.