Old Mutual Eight2Five

  • Project: Old Mutual Eight2Five
  • Client: Old Mutual Eight2Five
  • Year: 2020
  • Location: CBD
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Work done:

There are four VRV systems of air conditioning installed two serving the fourth floor and the other two serving fifth floor. On the fourth floor the 1 st VRV system serves the Northern side of the office space including the main office areas, reception and server room, while the other VRV serves the Southern side of the office space which includes additional offices, phone booths and a boardroom. The fifth floor has a similar setup servicing both Northern and Southern sides. The Main system serving the fourth floor and fifth floor comprises of four (4) Midea VRV (variable refrigerant flow) three pipe heat recovery air conditioning systems with 8 MS Boxes to control the different modes. The VRV system comprises four (4) off condensers coupled to eight (8) MS Boxes and (40) ducted hideaway units and 2 off ceiling mounted cassette units via a network of insulated refrigerant copper piping.