Sally Mugabe Pediatric ENT Theatre

  • Project: Sally Mugabe Pediatric ENT Theatre
  • Client: Sally Mugabe Pediatric ENT Theatre
  • Year: 2020
  • Location: Southerton Harare
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Work done:

The air conditioning systems for the Clinic are divided into two distinct systems , Theatre Package Air
Conditioning and General Split System Units Theatres
The Clinic has two theatres which are side by side and separated by the sluice room
Each of the two theatres is served by one off Air Options 14kW Hybrid theatre package unit coupled to a
Daikin RXYSQ 5 T8Y Condenser. Air is supplied into each theatre via a network of insulated ducting
mounted within the roof space and four off Trox Ceiling Mounted diffusers. The return air is drawn from the
theatres via low level mounted return grilles in two of the corners and via ductwork back into the unit.
Each unit comprises of a fan section, cooling coil, humidifier, primary filters, secondary filters and HEPA
The two theatre package units are mounted on the southern side of the building , see drawings and pics
General recovery areas and nurse stations
The rest of the areas in the clinic are air conditioned by means of ceiling mounted Midea Cassette Units
These are coupled to condensers mounted on the outside eastern side of the building via a network of
copper piping . There are a total of 4 ceiling cassettes
Each cassette unit is supplied with filtered fresh air from a fresh air fan mounted in the roof space as per
Sluice Room
The sluice room has an extract fan and diffuser and discharges foul air to the southern side of the building